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Thursday Scouts’ Spring Camp

Expedition Hike

This weekend, five Scouts undertook an expedition hike, from Velmead School, up the hill to Caesars Camp, and back down the other side to Hannam’s Copse in Crondall.

The weather was perfect for hiking, and the Scouts all behaved brilliantly, interacting and sharing jobs well – it was a joy to have them on the camp.


They had lunch at the top, and a quick drink break in the Windmill pub in Ewshot. They carried all their personal kit, and covered 8 miles in a total of 6 hours.

Once there, they had to set up camp, prep and cook dinner (chicken/chickpea & paneer curry with spinach), then prep and light a fire.


Leaders cooked breakfast on Sunday, then we broke camp and were cleared up and out by 11:30am.

Many thanks to Stuart, for all his help on the camp – we literally couldn’t have done it without you.

Leg 1: Velmead to Caesar’s Camp – let’s go!
The first Scouts hove into view at the top of the hill
The final steps before arriving at the copse
Lunch at Caesar’s Camp
Quick drinks stop at the Windmill Pub, Ewshot
Leg 2: Caesar’s Camp to Crondall – let’s go!
Dropping down into Ewshot
Preparing their pitches
The view from a tent
Chickpea, paneer & spinach curry
Leaders’ chicken curry
0% beers are so much better now and more widely available, and Leaders really appreciated a cold beer to accommodate their curry after a long day.
Dinner is served
Let’s get this fire started
Yup, I think that’s caught
Adding a festival vibe to my tent
The last embers of the camp fire
I should have done 81 more steps!
Morning has broken
Breakfast prep
Breakfast is ready
All hot together, thanks to a Just Eat bag
Breakfast is served